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The Lost Hawaii Tapes Part #4

Hawaii Tapes Part #4 is live now at

This is long-lost footage from our journey taking porn stars to paradise. In this scene we see porn stars Cris Taliana and Violet Blue (aka Noname Jane) braving the rocks to kiss in the crashing waves. It was very slippery, but worth the effort.

The best shot in this sequence was used as the cover for the recent Girls Kissing book.
See earlier for an in-depth look at how the book cover was made.

Here’s a preview:

The Lost Hawaii Tapes Part #3

Hawaii Tapes Part #3 is live now at GKUK.

This is one of my favourite scenes: Spin the Bottle, with porn stars Jenna Haze, Monique Alexander and Violet Blue (aka Noname Jane).

The girls go wild at a night time pyjama party, drinking booze and dancing to music. The rules of the game were: spin the bottle; kiss the person it points at, then remove an item of clothing. By the end the girls were naked and humping each other on the couch. See the whole thing unfold in all its glorious detail at

Here’s a preview:

The Lost Hawaii Tapes Part #2


Hawaii Tapes Part #2
now up on This one features a fairly long scene of porn babes Monique Alexander and Cris Taliana, kissing in the rain. It rained heavily the first two days we were there, so we had to improvise! Back when this was shot (2003) the gorgeous Monique Alexander was pretty much tattoo-free. These days she’s all tattoo-ed up, which – depending on your viewpoint – is either a good or a bad thing. One thing’s for sure though: Monique sure looks different.

Here’s a preview:

The Lost Hawaii Tapes Part #1

I was digging through some old boxes recently and found two Mini DV tapes – both filled with behind-the-scenes footage from Girls Kissing in Hawaii, a shoot I did way back in 2003. At the time I discarded the tapes because, frankly, the cameraman shooting them didn’t know what he was doing and I dismissed their use on the site. Having watched them through recently I’ve now changed my mind – they are a fascinating document of a time when Jenna Haze was in her luscious prime (having just won New Startlet of the Year at the 2003 AVN Awards); the gorgeous and lovely Monique Alexander was tattoo free; porn star Cris Taliana was just starting out in the industry, and Violet Blue (now known as Noname Jane, after a court order from a writer known as Violet Blue) was fresh from winning New Startlet of the Year in 2002. What I’m trying to say is: a lot of water has passed under the bridge since this footage was shot, and presenting it on in its uncut form is both interesting and slightly embarrassing for myself personally. I look at it and see a lack of control (it was hard to stop the girls talking for long enough to kiss), but also a lot of spontaneity and personal insights. It’s definitely worth watching.

The Lost Hawaii Tapes – Part #1 has just gone live on
The rest will follow over the course of the remainder of May.
Here’s a preview:


Girls Kissing on Peep Show

Channel 4’s excellent gonzo comedy series Peep Show goes from strength to strength with series 6, and some unexpectedly delightful lesbian kissing scenes.

The episode broadcast on October 16th featured a great girls kissing scene between two lesbian babes, at Mark and Jeremy’s party. As you’d expect: the relationships are messy – Jeremy is having an affair with Elena, a cute brunette who happens to have a serious girlfriend (Gail). As the party climaxes the two girls agree to marry, in front of a rather peeved Jeremy. They then kiss in the middle of the dancefloor (actually the lounge), prompting this thought from Jeremy as he stands there aghast:

“Oh, there it goes: lesbian kiss and no one minds. Where have all the homophobes gone when you need them?”

Peep Show is available online via 4onDemand – get it while you can:

New book – Girls Kissing Volume 1

Dedicated to the art of Girls kissing - Girls Kissing vVolume 1

Dedicated to the art of Girls Kissing - Girls Kissing Volume 1

I’m really proud to announce the arrival of my new book, Girls Kissing Volume 1.

It’s lavishly printed in full colour, and contains over a thousand different photos of girls kissing other girls.

It’s the product of over two years work, and ten years of research and photography on my part. It’s a photo book, not a story book, and is very good value considering the size and weight of the thing!

Look out here, for some exclusive behind-the-scenes material from the making of the book.

Available from:
Amazon UK,, Amazon USA, FAB Press

Girls Kissing Worldwide is born

American porn stars make out in the hot tub.

American porn stars make out in the hot tub.

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The theme of today’s post is: free girls kissing photos!

And here they are: –  Free Teagan Presley girls kissing photos (will open a new tab)

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