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Rochelle Lexine in new video

Just live on is a hot new video featuring the stunning Rochelle Lexine – a beautiful British blonde babe with wondrous looks and a fine body to match. Rochelle has already appeared in a number of videos on the site, and returns in this exclusive new video: Sleeping Bag Babes. In it, Rochelle slips into a sleeping bag with her sexy friend Natalie Brook for some intimate canoodling under the stars. The two girls begin by warming each other up in their skimpy panties and vests, before removing their tops for more sensual lesbi-play. The full video is available on the site now, for GK Members only. To get instant access to the Members Area: sign up via the Join Page now.

Rochelle Lexine kissing Natalie Brook - exclusive new video

Big-Boobed Shower Scene

Just put up a new, never-before-seen set of busty British babes Emily Cartwright & Lauren Langley, kissing naked in the shower – only available inside the Members Area.

Here’s a small preview of the full set [click here].

And a photo that makes me chuckle 🙂

Emily Cartwight (left) and Lauren Langley pressing their enormous boobs into the shower screen

New Faye & Jasmine Preview Videos

Here’s a new preview of the Jasmine Lau & Faye X Office Kissing video – in WMV format. Three short 30 second clips, providing a tantalising glimpse of the full Members only video. The full thing is available now in WMV, AVI, MPEG and MP4 formats in the Girls Kissing Members Area.

Click here to see the Jasmine & Faye preview videos.

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Girls Kissing on Peep Show

Channel 4’s excellent gonzo comedy series Peep Show goes from strength to strength with series 6, and some unexpectedly delightful lesbian kissing scenes.

The episode broadcast on October 16th featured a great girls kissing scene between two lesbian babes, at Mark and Jeremy’s party. As you’d expect: the relationships are messy – Jeremy is having an affair with Elena, a cute brunette who happens to have a serious girlfriend (Gail). As the party climaxes the two girls agree to marry, in front of a rather peeved Jeremy. They then kiss in the middle of the dancefloor (actually the lounge), prompting this thought from Jeremy as he stands there aghast:

“Oh, there it goes: lesbian kiss and no one minds. Where have all the homophobes gone when you need them?”

Peep Show is available online via 4onDemand – get it while you can: