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New lower price point

Girls Kissing fans may be interested to note the new, lower price point for membership subscriptions at Now, for just under thirty bucks you can get access to the Members Area on the longest-running and highly-regarded girls kissing website on the Internet. So what are you waiting for? For only $29.95 you can now get full access to over 10 years worth of collected girls kissing contentnothing is restricted and you get your password instantly, sent to you by email. Click here to visit the Join Page and get instant access.

Click here for a preview of the GKUK members area ...

Signed Books Now Available

Just added some new book-buying options to Decided it was time to offer a signature edition, for a limited time. Oh, and each book comes with a limited edition Girls Kissing Volume 1 bookmark and series of postcards. Almost forgot to mention those, which is crazy considering that they’re really nicely printed.

So if you want your copy of Girls Kissing Volume 1 signing by the author, trot over to here and click the appropriate Internet buttons.

Get Girls Kissing Volume 1 signed by the author

GK Vol. 1 signed edition - comes with limited edition postcards and bookmark

Girls Kissing Volume 1 is available from:, Amazon UK,, Amazon USA, Amazon France, FAB Press