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Girls Kissing on Peep Show

Channel 4’s excellent gonzo comedy series Peep Show goes from strength to strength with series 6, and some unexpectedly delightful lesbian kissing scenes.

The episode broadcast on October 16th featured a great girls kissing scene between two lesbian babes, at Mark and Jeremy’s party. As you’d expect: the relationships are messy – Jeremy is having an affair with Elena, a cute brunette who happens to have a serious girlfriend (Gail). As the party climaxes the two girls agree to marry, in front of a rather peeved Jeremy. They then kiss in the middle of the dancefloor (actually the lounge), prompting this thought from Jeremy as he stands there aghast:

“Oh, there it goes: lesbian kiss and no one minds. Where have all the homophobes gone when you need them?”

Peep Show is available online via 4onDemand – get it while you can: