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On 19th May 1999 I registered the domain name and started a website about girls kissing other girls. Although the dot com variant had gone at the time, nothing was happening with it, and it has never amounted to anything other than a shell with affiliate links on it – my site, was the first proper, dedicated girls kissing website in world, and it remains running (and popular) to this day.

Twelve years ago there was nothing like GKUK, and now – in 2011 – the competition is immense. I can honestly say – without any word of a lie, or arrogance, that started it all (when it comes to girls kissing sites). Many other websites have tried to do what we have done, and some have even blatantly copied us (word for word), but most have failed. And why did they fail? Because they thought a domain name was enough. They just weren’t good enough to prove that quality of content does actually count for something. Also, very few girls kissing websites had any recognisable personality at all – they were just faceless, drab websites that desperately tried to use the word “lesbian” as many times as they could to climb the Google rankings. What I’ve tried to do, over the past twelve years that I’ve been making GK, is make it personal, and also make it as varied as possible within the confines of the subject matter (not as easy as it looks). has also been a big influence on a number of websites that are now considered “big”, such as Sapphic Erotica – a site that is as soulless as it is successful. The guy behind that website approached me some years ago to ask me to design his site for him. I declined because I wanted to concentrate on my own site, and not on someone else’s. I’m glad I did, because that particular website – although popular – became the bland, garish Euro sex site that it is today, with all the trademark style mistakes that you often see in mainland European porn sites (ie. hideous lurid, day-glow coloured backgrounds and pathetic tongue-tip fake ‘porno’ kissing). To give them their dues: the girls are hot, but then they are not really responsible for that – the girls would be hot, regardless of where they appeared.

The point I’m making? That is still unique, even after all these years. Unlike other similar sites, it’s still just the one person making all the content and designing and maintaining the site. And the style and personality of the site is mine – the soul of it is me. I do everything on the site and have never relied on a team of people to create anything other than a small, but well-formed, tribute to a subject I love and still have a great passion for. I don’t have a marketing team trying to shove it down everyone’s throats – I do all the promotions myself, and always try to keep it modest and personal. When something is written on, it is me writing it – not a marketing intern with a poor grasp of English trying desperately to cobble together some words in the hope that it’ll sound convincing. When I write, or photograph, something it is from the heart and not designed to simply sell you something, as seems to be the case with 99.9% of the competition.

But I do welcome the competition – I always have done. Even if the above sounds like I don’t. Without the competition I don’t think would be quite what it is – a unique website that stands out among the oceans of dross in the vast expanse of cyberspace.

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank two people who have helped me profoundly over the past seven or eight years, on one aspect of the site I don’t get too involved in – the programming. Chris and Phil at Sysexcel have been a great support over the years and without their help I would not have been able to make into the site it is today. Also, to my parents for being so supportive. I raise a glass to all of you. Many thanks.

Here’s to the next twelve years.

Paul M – the GK Webmaster

After The Break: The New Material

Anyone visiting recently may have noticed the lack of updates. None since September last year, in fact. The reason? I had to take a break – for personal reasons.

But now I’ve been shooting again, and have some brand new material to put up on the site – starting on the first of April. And, no, it’s not an April Fools joke – this is for real!

Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming up: British porn star Jasmine Lau, kissing the luscious Faye, in a sexy office scene. And there’ll be more to come after this. Oh yes – a lot more. So get ready for it Girls Kissing fans…

Nice Book Photos

Some photos of the actual book. Thought these were quite nice, so decided to mention them here.

Click to see more book photos

Girls Kissing Volume 1 is available from:, Amazon UK,, Amazon USA, Amazon France, FAB Press

Signed Books Now Available

Just added some new book-buying options to Decided it was time to offer a signature edition, for a limited time. Oh, and each book comes with a limited edition Girls Kissing Volume 1 bookmark and series of postcards. Almost forgot to mention those, which is crazy considering that they’re really nicely printed.

So if you want your copy of Girls Kissing Volume 1 signing by the author, trot over to here and click the appropriate Internet buttons.

Get Girls Kissing Volume 1 signed by the author

GK Vol. 1 signed edition - comes with limited edition postcards and bookmark

Girls Kissing Volume 1 is available from:, Amazon UK,, Amazon USA, Amazon France, FAB Press

New book – Girls Kissing Volume 1

Dedicated to the art of Girls kissing - Girls Kissing vVolume 1

Dedicated to the art of Girls Kissing - Girls Kissing Volume 1

I’m really proud to announce the arrival of my new book, Girls Kissing Volume 1.

It’s lavishly printed in full colour, and contains over a thousand different photos of girls kissing other girls.

It’s the product of over two years work, and ten years of research and photography on my part. It’s a photo book, not a story book, and is very good value considering the size and weight of the thing!

Look out here, for some exclusive behind-the-scenes material from the making of the book.

Available from:
Amazon UK,, Amazon USA, FAB Press

Girls Kissing Worldwide is born

American porn stars make out in the hot tub.

American porn stars make out in the hot tub.

Just installed WordPress… 🙂
The theme of today’s post is: free girls kissing photos!

And here they are: –  Free Teagan Presley girls kissing photos (will open a new tab)

Enjoy! Now keep your eyes peeled for more to come …